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Introducing Threshold (T) Staking on CoinList

CoinList launched staking for the Threshold Network, a leading data encryption protocol, that will allow CoinList users to stake their T tokens and participate in the network’s consensus.



Keep Network unveils v2 specs for tBTC protocol

The second iteration of tBTC is expected to require stakers to only lock up Keep rather than both Keep and ETH, alongside introducing changes to its wallet-generation mechanism. The protocol allows users to tokenize their Bitcoin for use on the Ethereum network.



‘Keanu’ Explained: What It Means to Merge Two Ethereum Projects

Two encryption projects, Keep and NuCypher, both running on the Ethereum blockchain, have begun discussing what they are calling a “hard merge,” codename: Keanu. Crucially, this would be a merger of their protocols’ functions and communities, not of their companies.


The Block

Keep Network, NuCypher teams pitch protocol merger on the Ethereum blockchain

Development teams for Keep Protocol and NuCypher are proposing an on-chain merger in a network first for Ethereum.


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