You can read the full story of the merge here on the Threshold blog.

The T token is both a utility token for the Threshold Network and a governance token for the Threshold DAO.

Keep is a privacy layer that enables private data to be leveraged on public blockchains without compromising the security or confidentiality. Keep is the network behind tBTC, the first secure and decentralized tokenized bitcoin on Ethereum. Learn more about Keep.

You can buy KEEP tokens on an exchange. KEEP is available on Uniswap, Balancer, and Kraken. You can also contribute to liquidity pools and earn KEEP as a reward.

You can manage your KEEP tokens through the Keep dashboard. KEEP stakers are able to operate a node themselves or delegate their KEEP to a staking provider. View this section for a list of our recommended staking providers. For a detailed guide to staking, head to the staking documentation.

You can upgrade your liquid KEEP tokens to T on the the Threshold dashboard here.

You can learn more about this here on the Threshold blog.

The Keep coverage pool functions as a form of insurance. It helps secure the network and is an opportunity to earn rewards. Learn more here.

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Read the Keep blog

Read the Keep blog

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