The Keep and NuCypher networks merged to form the Threshold Network in 2021. You can read the full story of the merge here on the Threshold blog.

tBTC is Threshold’s decentralized bridge to bring BTC to the Ethereum network; the only permissionless solution on the market today. The Keep team built tBTC on the Threshold Network. Bridge your Bitcoin to Ethereum in a secure and trustless way to participate in DeFi. Mint tBTC on the dapp!

Threshold's T token is both a utility token for the Threshold Network and a governance token for the Threshold DAO. Learn more about T tokens on the Threshold website.

You can upgrade your liquid KEEP tokens to T on the the Threshold dashboard here.

You can learn more about staking KEEP on Threshold here on the Threshold blog.

You can manage your KEEP tokens through the legacy Keep dashboard. KEEP stakers are able to operate a node themselves or delegate their KEEP to a staking provider.